Additional passes with identical settings in the same session

(Instrumental, Acapella, Radio Edit, etc.)
€40 / Version

Stem Mastering

(with max. 20 stem groups)

Stem Mastering

(more than 20 stem groups)


  • All masters must be paid for before they are sent over/ released to non-account holders.
  • One set of changes to the mix/mastering is included in the quoted price of a stem mix or stereo master. Additional changes or resupplied stems/pre-masters will incur additional costs. If more than one set of changes is being requested, the client will need to be charged for an additional 140 Euro, which includes two more set of changes.
  • If up to 30 stem groups are being delivered for a stem mastering, the engineer will charge an additional fee of 120 euro on top of the stem mastering fee, since the max amount of 20 stem groups has been exceeded. If the stem mastering job has even more than 30 stem groups, than the engineer will charge 240 euro ontop of the stem mastering fee.
  • Any additional formats (radio edit / extended etc.) not booked at the time of the original session will be charged as a full master.
  • Please check all pre-masters & stems before sending. Once received we will master your track as soon as possible on occasion this can be sooner than the quoted booking time. Re-supplied pre-masters will be charged as a full master.
  • All payments must be in EURO (EUR), costs for receiving other currency will be recharged.
  • Additional formats are available on request and are charged at 10,00 EUR each.
  • All masters will be returned as a 16 Bit, 44.1 kHz Master .wav file at unless prior arrangement has been made.
  • All stems or pre-masters must be delivered 24 hours prior to your booked session unless prior arrangement has been made. We reserve the right to cancel sessions if the stems / pre-masters have not been supplied in time.
  • All bookings will be charged to the person / company making the booking unless advised to invoice another party at the time of the booking. If the invoiced party is a non-account holder credit will not be given.
  • By booking a session you are agreeing to pay for the time an engineer spends on your track. Mixing and mastering are very subjective so we recommend you supply reference tracks and notes for the engineer to know what you are looking for. If you decide you do not like your mix we will always do our best to revise it until you are happy but you will still have to pay for the additional spend time by the engineer.